I am in need of assistance in replacing some words for board titles in a forum. My task was design new boards names with a dark twist; however I am stumped on a couple of board titles. The first is entitled "General Gaming" and the second "Real World Photography". There are also a couple of other ones I instituted but would like to change, but am lacking the words. If anyone could assist me in finding some specific words, it would be greatly apprecaited.

Firstly, I am trying to find a word that is essentially 'Oblivion' but as an adjective. I have already used the words Havocked and Chaotic.
Secondly, I am trying to find a synonym for the word 'Olympian' except a word that does not make any reference to the Olympics, but just games in general.
Thirdly, if anyone has suggestions on how to rename "General Gaming" or "Real World Photography" with a dark, sophisticated touch, it would be most helpful.