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    Question wha tis the basice in using this symbols

    wha tis the basice in using this symbols ( , ' . " : -) in writting articles or messages.......

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    Re: wha tis the basice in using this symbols

    , comma - represents a pause in a sentance. Is usually used to seperate two thoughts that belong in the same sentance, and in dialogue is used before all speech (which should be inside of quotation marks "").

    ' apostrophe - used to denote a conjunction (e.g., don't = do not).

    . period - used to end a sentance.

    " quotation mark - used to open and close quotes and speech

    : colon - used to denote something in specfic (Book series: book one)

    - hyphen - used to seperate two words that may normally be one, to personify a seperate meaning, or used to join two parts of a word on two differnt lines in novel writing.

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