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    Talking Re: Dangling Modifiers

    Quote Originally Posted by Red5 View Post
    In the following sentence:

    Is "Wearing a helmet" a dangling modifier?


    I noticed with the passage of time you are becoming more serious, Akahh.
    I didn't find any single thread in which you were talking not like an English teacher.Change your member name from Red5 to Serious#1. :P

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    Re: Dangling Modifiers

    Dangling modifiers are not the serious problem that language teachers make them out to be.

    These constructions are common in speech, where they often go without comment, and they can be found occasionally in writing. But they are distracting to the reader, and they can sometimes lead to unintended absurdities.

    § 21. dangling modifiers. 1. Grammar. The American Heritage Book of English Usage. 1996
    Common sense helps us through the ambiguities and often the "unintended absurdities" come from the commentators on misplaced modifiers.

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