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    useful phrases

    this is the first time i have asked a teacher for help on this website. it will be nice of you if you help me work out the followig

    i get confused about the meaning of the following :
    is ( yaknow) the written form of what we say ( you know)?
    - ' that's just propaganda ' what does this senrence mean and when people say ti?
    - what does ( one's down to the bottom of barrel) mean and when does also people say that?

    with best regards

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    Re: useful phrases

    "Ya know" or "y'know" is, as you guessed, the written version of when we say "you know" in conversation.

    Propaganda is a message or information given specifically for the reason of influencing someone's opinion. Instead of giving straight-forward, balanced information, the information is slanted to support a particular viewpoint.

    In the US, we refer to it as "scraping the bottom of the barrel" or "he had to scrape the bottom of the barrel." This means that you're down to your absolute last resort; you have no other choice. (For example, if you've asked five different girls to go to the school dance with you, and they've all refused, and you end up taking your cousin, you're scraping the bottom of the barrel.) (No offense meant, I'm sure your cousins are lovely girls!)

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    Re: useful phrases

    hi Ouisch.

    thanks a lot for your assistance
    have a nive weekend

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