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    Question Rate my IELTS essay. Which band? :)

    The diagrams below show the development of a small fishing village and its surrounding area into a large European tourist resort. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.
    The two pictures show the changes of a small fishing village in a tourist resort in Europe, showing how the village looked like in 1974 and in 2004.

    In 1974, it was rather a small village with only 12 thousand inhabitants. 30 years later there are 80 thousand beds for tourist, which means that the fishing village had developed into a tourist resort.

    The harbour has been made into the beach, and at it there are lots of hotels. Yet, homes of local people are located where the original fishing village once had been. A golf course has been built at the place where woodland once used to be. Still, the village behind the former woodland still exists, only there are many tourist shops nowadays. 30 years ago, local people used to grow their own olives, but now at that place a farmland can b found, where some other fruit and vegetables are grown for hotels.

    To conclude, the two pictures show very well how tourism has affected a small fishing village as everything is done here to make tourists' vacation more pleasant and comfortable.

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    Re: Rate my IELTS essay. Which band? :)

    What grade are you aiming for?

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    Re: Rate my IELTS essay. Which band? :)


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    Re: Rate my IELTS essay. Which band? :)

    Pretty good about 7.5/10.

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