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Thread: so vs very

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    so vs very

    I want to know when you use so and when you use very.

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    i think you'd better check a dictionary. because it takes more than an hour to explain where top use each of these two.but if you are not sure about a specific sentence, members of this site can help you.

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    Re: so vs very

    Quote Originally Posted by charito72 View Post
    I want to know when you use so and when you use very.

    Hi Charito

    Both "so" and "very" are adverbs.

    So - has an intensive meaning : to a great extent, to such an evident degree
    e.g. I was so surprised that I had to sit down.

    Unlike "very" , "so" presumes that the speaker/listener/reader will be sympathetic to the situation the speaker is involved.
    Compare :

    a] I was so surprised that I had to sit down.- to a greater degree
    b] I was very surprised and I had to sit down- in a high degree, extremely; completely

    "Very" - in a high degree; extremely; completely; absolutely
    "Very" is the morpheme/word used to form the superlative absolute :

    e.g. very nice , very beautiful..

    I hope it helps though I suggest you to look them up in a dictionary, because this is not the only usage of "so" and "very".

    "So" can also function as an adjective, conjunction or interjection.

    interjection : So! What have you done?!

    "Very" can function as an adjective too : "in the very heart of the forest"

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