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    can you tel me what's the meaning of: "to stretch the truth", "to bend the rules", "to take credit for something you haven't done", "to get away with something", "to keep your eyes on your own paper", "to watch someone like a hawk", "to be kicked out of school", "to turn someone in", "to tell on someone/to squeal on someone", "to copy something word for word"

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    Re: creek

    These expressions are euphemisms, neutral or positive words or expressions that replace more objectionable (but usually more accurate) term.

    To stretch the truth means to lie.
    To bend the rules means to break the rules.
    To take credit...means to lie and steal.
    To get away with something means break the law without being punished.
    Watch him like a hawk means don't take your eyes off of him because he's going to do something bad.
    Kicked out of school means expelled.
    Turn someone in means report someones bad behavior to the authorities (also tell on, rat on, snitch on).
    Copy word for word..look up "plagiarize".


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