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    Question Content, a ct or cw word?

    In todays media you hear alot about content, content and content. Especially from editors and journalists. What specific content are they referring to? The words? The construction of the words, sentences or the paragraphs? Is critical thinking involved it writing and content? I undestand outlining and the media and journalist are excellent at it.

    I love words and there definitions and to give value to them. To make myself understood is my prime thought. To me editing is critical thinking after the draft not during(?) it. I also have noticed journalist have many ways to write the same story, ingenious. Do words that have value and meaning considered content? Is there more than one way to write content?

    If the reader understands be it non content or intelligent content what does it matter they understand the piece? Is this pride on the journalists part, or information to the reader? pljames

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    Re: Content, a ct or cw word?

    2. The subject matter of a written work, such as a book or magazine. Often used in the plural.
    (Say: their definitions
    Say: "to make myself understood is my prime aim (or goal).)

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