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    I love my native language...English and there defintions. I now try to add value to the ones I am trying to make a point of. Even if I see a word and do know its meaning/definition it is still a word without...value. I am beginning to believe when you give your words meaning beyond meaning like value then you have become a creative writer.

    Is meaning value or vice versa? I have seen intelligent creative writing elementary and college. Could I add special meaning before or after the word or point I am trying to make? Like poetry if you wish? Making the reader more interested in your pieceand cant stop reading until they finish it.

    This seems almost a goal a mission to me. Know your reader/audience writers tell me. I now believe theres truth in those words. But if I goto the complexity of writing and forget the simple then it becomes work and not pleasure. I write because I love to see my words down on paper or this screen.

    Is it wrong to please yourself as with the reader? I write without pride, arrogrance and the complexities of proper grammer. I love to write, yet the word perfection rears its ugly head and I am driven to be possed by perfect writing. Yet whats perfect to you may not be perfect to me. Why am I trying to please others who have mastered English? pljames

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    Every word, in fact every letter represents a picture, and every picture represents a whole univers!

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