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    Smile please check grammar mistakes!(urgent)

    If you find any mistakes, please correct them for me!

    1. I assure you that you can access the broadband service after you request for that service.

    2. I guarrantee that the new phone service will be launching exactly on 16 August3. I hope you will agree to reduce the rate of premium sufficiently to bring it more into line with the extent of the risk insured under the policy.

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    Re: please check grammar mistakes!(urgent)


    1. You will have access to broadband internet within 24 (or whatever) hours from the time of your initial request. (YOU CAN ALWAYS PREFACE THIS SENTENCE WITH SOMETHING LIKE: Per company policy, ...)

    2. The new telephone service will take effect on August 16.

    3. I hope the premium will be adjusted to reflect the extent of risk insured under the policy.

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