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Thread: sneezes

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    when somebody sneezes, people always say" bless you"
    do all people say that or only Christian people say that??

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    Re: sneezes

    So far I have heard only christian people saying.But I don't think people in other religions would not use it.As for me, I would use it too sometimes.I'm a muslim, I say,'Alhamdulillah'(when I sneeze) and the people beside me should say(if they are muslim),'Yarah'makallah'.

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    Re: sneezes

    I've heard both Christians and non Christians use this in the United States. It's usually more of a bleshyou than bless you.

    Actually, a little while ago I askes some english native seven year olds how often they say gableshyou and how often they said God Bless You. A lot were shocked to find they were the same.

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    Re: sneezes

    thanks, guys~

    I'm not a christian but I thought it might be polite to say that~

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    Re: sneezes

    In the UK, the use of "bless you!" isn't limited to Christians (or people with Christian backgrounds).

    I would regard it as a social convention, rather than a religious utterance!


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    Re: sneezes

    i am not familiar with us or other counties custom but i am agree with FAZZU

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    Re: sneezes

    Quote Originally Posted by vahid.moosavi View Post
    i am not familiar with us or other counties custom but i am agree with FAZZU

    some Hindus also use something in the similar line.
    when a baby sneezes they say "Harisree"
    which can be loosely translated as " Hail Lord Krishna"


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