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    Grammatical Errors

    Hello teachers,

    Below is a news report I've written for my assignment. I would be grateful if you could kindly check it for grammatical errors. Thank you in advance!


    - - -


    PETALING JAYA: Award-winning script—Sacrifice for True Love—written by Kimberly Tee Ju Lee and Wong Mei Mei was made into a hit drama in Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) here yesterday.

    According to 21-year-old Tee, a Public Relations student of UTAR, it took her and Wong three days to discuss and a week to come out with the script. “It’s a creatively-written modern fairy tale,” Tee said, “It features modern songs and modern languages but the characters are childhood heroes and heroines such as Robin Hood, Snow White, Princess Barbie and the Queen of Heart.”

    Tee also said her friends and family have contributed a lot to the script, although part of the inspiration was actually fetched from Taiwanese dramas. “We tried to slant every character away from their original uniqueness—the Red Riding Hood is supposed to be sweet and kind but instead, we turned her into someone who is cool and tough,” she added.

    Joanne Lee, whose role was Snow White, said it took them an entire month to practice Sacrifice for True Love. She said the actors and actresses had to stay back from six to eight just about everyday so as to practice on their respective roles.

    “We faced a lot of obstacles during our practice—sometimes we were thronged with so many assignments we barely could fork out the time to practice,” she said, “But I’m glad it was full house in the end.”

    The drama instructors behind Sacrifice for True Love were Mark Teh and Adrian Kisai from the Five Arts Centre, also students of Sunway College. “They not only taught the actors and actresses necessary acting skills and vocal projection, they also gave them ideas and ample encouragement,” a member of UTAR’s Drama and Public Speaking Society said.

    Quek Shio Chuan, a Broadcasting student who had a major part in the drama, said Teh’s advice was especially meaningful to him as he had taught him how to act like his everyday life and bring himself into the role of Robin Hood.

    When asked to comment on the lack of stage props, he said if the actor and actresses were good enough, there was no need to have them around. It also saved time and money.

    Sacrifice for True Love became the first script in the history of UTAR that had been successfully put into drama. The staging yesterday attracted more than 300 spectators and had its tickets sold more than 250.

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    Re: Grammatical Errors

    Para 2- 'discuss'- there's no object for the verb
    Para 5- thronged with assignments- doesn't sound natural to me
    full house- a full house
    6 necessary acting skills- the necessary...
    Last para- sold more than 250 tickets

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    Re: Grammatical Errors

    Thanks Tdol!

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