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    Red face Plese check grammar mistakes( urgent!!!)

    Plese mark and change any grammar mistakes !!!!!!!!!!

    1.These reports are proved to speak for truth.

    3.The shipping documents will be delivered to you and we enclose a 30 days' sight draft as agreed in our earlier correspondence. Please confirm by return that you accept this order.

    3. I will call at your office one of a weekends

    4.It is absolutely necessary that you do nothing until our repairman arrives
    5, We think your inquiry is a little insufficient.

    6.Would you please know me little more detailed information with regared to your budget question?

    7. William needs to be careful of lating for work

    8. you need some help hands in setting up a Web server, just get in touch with me.

    9.Would you contact me as soon as possible.

    10.You duties will be as outlined at the interview.

    11.We note that you have requested basins to be drawn up ten lines.

    please it is very urgent !!! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Plese check grammar mistakes( urgent!!!)


    1 and 2- Correct).
    3- could be like this: i wll call you at your office at weekend.
    4- 5 correct
    6- could be like this: would you please let me know some more detailed information regarding your buget question?
    7. William needs to be carful of being late for work.
    8. you need a help in setting au a web server, just keep in tough with me.
    9- correct
    10 your duties will just be as outlined at the interview.
    11- (not sure)

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