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    Question by default

    I canít grasp the meaning. In Hornby thereís only to win a game by default.
    I googled it only to find itís mostly used in law and computing. Where could I find more, at least a few, examples of its usage? Do you happen to know the links?
    This a phrase from those provided by Google.
    If Time Machine is on by default, how will the user know itís running?

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    Re: by default

    Default: in the absence of any opposing action {If we don't show up for the game, they'll win by default. We couldn't think of a name for our pet, so we call him "dog" by default}.

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    Question Re: by default

    Tnx, River,
    I'm afraid I'm still in the dark, though.

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    Re: by default

    a : a selection made usually automatically or without active consideration due to lack of a viable alternative <remained the club's president by default> b : a selection automatically used by a computer program in the absence of a choice made by the user
    - in default of : in the absence of

    ıs this example satisfies for you?

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    Re: by default

    I think I need many more examples. I'll try to find them somehow.


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