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    Re: Building a sentence

    Quote Originally Posted by emsr2d2 View Post
    You need to simply study basic English, possibly even English for beginners. It looks as if your vocabulary is fairly good but you struggle a lot with how to construct sentences.
    Quote Originally Posted by jutfrank View Post
    How do I do that?

    One way is to use a grammar book.
    Quote Originally Posted by emsr2d2 View Post
    I recommend reading lots of English. Use trustworthy sources, such as good English newspapers and websites such as the BBC. The more you read, the more you will become accustomed to how sentences are constructed.
    Quote Originally Posted by Raymott View Post
    You buy a book titled something like "Basic English Grammar" and you work through it systematically. Or you find websites that provide the same.
    Somewhere near the beginning will be a section on how to form questions in English, as well as all the other basic structures. Unless you are constantly interacting in English with someone, you cannot learn a language by picking up lines from movies or newspapers. Some exceptional people can do this, but you have demonstrated and conceded that you are not one of them.
    Thanks for all who replied me.
    I found a website that provide english beginner lessons. (I`m not sure if it`s okay to publish it here)
    Also I`m reading an israeli website that provide content in english.
    -I know @emsr2d2
    said above I`m not ready to write stories, But I think it will help me to express my self more,
    in addition it will help me to build a questions currently, and to speak more smoothly. (Even short stories)
    Reply me with your thoughts!

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