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    hello every body how is life ? im new to this forum .Im maltese and i wish to improve my english language ,the biggest problem i have is that i understand a lot of words but when i try to speak or write an article or something my mind get blind,even when i start reading my mind is not always focoused on what the book is saying,i try to relax and lots of toughts come trough my mind that will confuse me,how can you help me? i really like the english language but this problem really scares me that i never will be good in this language .

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    Question: How do you eat an elephant?
    Answer: One bite at a time.

    You could start off by commencing sentences with a capital letter. Then, you might start typing the personal pronoun 'I', as a capital. That is: "...the biggest problem I have is that I understand....."

    There, that's two bites to start you off.


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