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    Essay for CELTA pre-interview task

    Hi, im applying for the CELTA course. I have written an essay for the task..Can you please comment or correct.

    Why you want CELTA course and any previous relevant experience..I have written the following

    In India, I was working as an Instructional designer in E-learning field. I have moved to Germany from India after my marriage in 2011 December. Here in Germany, language played a pivotal role to get a job in my field. Being an immigrant, I have faced the hardship of learning a language.
    As E-learning and teaching goes on hand in hand, I felt this would be the right option to kick start my carrier as a teacher. My roles as an instructional designer are to simplify the content and present it to the target audience in an interesting manner. Though I never had the experience of classroom teaching, I have developed many computer-based trainings and instructor led trainings. My previous professional experience would definitely help me to do the CELTA course in a better way.
    English being an international language, there is huge want from the people around the globe to learn the language for various purposes. A teacher can make a classroom a boring session or a learning and fun-filled session. I definitely want to be on the latter side. I strongly feel CELTA tutors help me in becoming a good teacher. Meeting new people, hands-on training and progressive criticism are the features attracted me towards the course. This practical implementation of the classes provides an insight to me. It creates a chance to rectify my mistakes and improvise it without any delay.
    A certification from a renowned university is definitely accepted and valued around the world. To sum it up it widens the opportunities for my carrier.

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    Re: Essay for CELTA pre-interview task

    Welcome to the forum.

    We are unable to help with this. The people who look at your application want to see your English, not ours. They need to base their decision on your current level and whether they think you demonstrate the qualities they're looking for. If you submit an application that has been corrected by native speakers, not only will you have an unfair advantage over the other applicants but, more importantly, you will be giving the selectors an inaccurate picture of your skills.

    Good luck with your application.

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