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Thread: English Idioms

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    English Idioms

    What is the meaning of (1) "Out of the box solution"
    (2) Children of lesser God
    (3) to deconstruct
    (4) Orwelian nightmare
    (5)to whistle in the dark
    (6) tunnel vision

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    Re: English Idioms

    "Out of the box solution"
    Something you simply have to install or put into place to make it work. Literally, something you buy brand new, you remove it from its box, and it's ready to use. No assembly required.

    (2) Children of lesser God
    The phrase originated in a poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson:
    "For why is all around us here
    As if some lesser god had made the world,
    But had not force to shape it as he would?"
    It refers to any group of people who seem to be treated with less respect compared to the rest of society, whether because of race, handicap, religion, whatever.

    (3) to deconstruct
    To take apart, analyze

    (4) Orwelian nightmare
    Refers to George Orwell and the dire preditions he made in his novel 1984, such as Big Brother watching over us.

    (5)to whistle in the dark
    To be cheerful or optimistic in a situation that doesn't warrant cheerfulness. If you're all alone in a dark room, you might whistle to amuse yourself and to make you feel not as alone.

    (6) tunnel vision
    To see things only one way, without considering other directions or options. Someone who literally has tunnel vision can only see straight ahead, and has no peripheral vision.

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