It is important for children to learn the difference between right and wrong at an early age. Punishment is necessary to help them learn this distinction.
To what extent do your agree or disagree with this opinion?
What sort of punishment should parents and teachers be allowed to use to teach good behaviour to children?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

There has been a lot of controversy on whether to punish kids or not and how to punish them. Being able to distinguish between good and bad manner is a vital necessity for kids. Many people are of the opinion that punishing kids is a contributing factor for this distinguishing. However, it seems that the kinds of punishment is very important, since some kinds if punishment may be helpful, but others may backfire and have a negative effect on kids.There are several reasons supporting this idea.

There are basically four kinds of punishment, including: physical and verbal punishment, withholding rewards and penalties. The first two kinds of punishment, physical and verbal, are not considered to be effective discipline methods. The other two, withholding rewards and giving penalties, can be used either as effective discipline methods or as punishment, depending on how parents administer them.

Physical punishment usually doesn't work for several reasons. First, it makes the child hate himself and others, thinking that there must be something awfully wrong with him to be treated so badly. If children think they are "bad," then they will act "bad." A vicious cycle is formed. Another disadvantage of using physical punishment is that parents who use physical punishment are setting an example of using violence to settle problems or solve conflicts, Children imitate their parents' behavior. Using physical punishment, may cause children to use violent acts to settle their conflicts with others.

On the other hand, two effective types of punishment are withholding rewards and giving penalties, which use consequences as a form of discipline. In this method, the child learns that every act has a consequence for which he is responsible. Parents can declare that the consequence of not coming to the dinner table in time to eat is that the child does not eat his dinner that evening. Hunger is a natural consequence of not eating. Therefore, the child who experiences the unpleasant consequences of his behavior will be less likely to act that way again.

In conclusion, while it is widely believed that punishment contributes children distinguish good from bad, it seems that paying attention to the kind of punishment is more important, because all types of punishment are not useful. For example, physical and verbal punishment are useless, whereas withholding reward and penalties may learn children the consequences of their bad manner and avoid them from repeating that action.
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