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    Fast Food - Why do we still Eat it? What can be done about it.

    More and more doctors around the world are standing together in their opinion that fast food is detrimental to peoples health, yet there is a increase in the population of those consuming fast food. The growing interest in eating fast food is directly related to the types of lives people are living. People need to either make some living adjustments or face the consequences.

    Fast food is being eaten on a daily basis by those who have little time to spend on preparing their meals. With the busy lives people lead chasing careers and often working sixteen to seventeen hours a day, there is no time to prepare meals. It is far easier to swing past a fast food resturant and grab a take away of phone ahead and get the meal delivered, than to take 30min away from your job to make a meal.

    With doctors having voiced their opinion an fast food being bad for peoples health, it is important that the problem is addressed. People are not going to stop chasing career goals or stop trying to earn more money, but supermarket and health shops can become more popular. If supermarkets can have a wider range of pre-cooked meals that are healthy then more and more people can make use of these meals. Health Food franchises should be encouraged by government grants and tax reductions.

    It is a reality that fast foods will be here to stay, as the lives of people and choices of careers are unlikely to change. Society needs to be aware of the health problems caused by the consumpion of fast food, and work towards making the fast food of a more healthier content. This may affect the prising ad portion size of the meals, but it will lead to less health concerns related to fast food.

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    Re: Fast Food - Why do we still Eat it? What can be done about it.

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