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    Smile When to choose an ESL book or method?

    Hi friends.
    I'm Diana from Peru. I've teaching English as a Foreing Language since 2000 in Huaraz (a small city 300 km from the capital).
    The Language School i'm working now is looking for new text books.
    Some teachers think we should try an ESL book but I would like to have some advice about it before to give my opinion.
    Why to use an ESL book.
    Is it going to work? if we know that our students don't have more than 90' from Monday to Friday to face English and there are no other situations in which they will be exposed to the language.
    I was wondering if an ESL needs specific level of the students and teachers, etc.
    What is the best way to choose a book?
    I will be so happy if someone can help me with this issue.
    thanks a lot.

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    Re: When to choose an ESL book or method?

    Don't use any textbook, Diana. Use real life situaions, ones that the students can see to help them learn all the structures of English. That's exactly how we teach children to learn English and it's exactly how every other language group teaches their children their language.

    If you want to practice 'bounce/roll/kick/throw/drop', get a ball and do so. You can practice every structure of language with real things used in real actions.

    If you want to practice 'write/draw/scribble/henscratch/, get some paper and pens or pencils and do so.

    If you want to practice 'rip/tear/shred/fold/cut/glue/staple/crease/mark up/etc, get some paper and other stationery items and do so.

    This will do two things. Make your students functional faster and make them realize that English is real and that they can use it in their everyday lives.

    Both are vital to learning a language.

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