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Thread: Scrambled Eggs

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    Question Scrambled Eggs

    Today I came across an interesting article about "Scrambled Eggs", a substitute working lyric for McCartney’s “Yesterday”.
    Scrambled Eggs,
    Have an omelette with some Muenster cheese,
    Put your dishes in the washbin please,
    So I can clean the scrambled eggs.
    Join me, do,
    There's a lot of eggs for me and you,
    I've got ham and cheese and bacon too,
    So go get two and join me do.

    Why not there are? I know, teachers give a sigh – there are a lot of ungrammatical things in lyrics, yet there is some reason for that.

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    Re: Scrambled Eggs

    There's is easier to say than there're.
    How's that for a reason?

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    Re: Scrambled Eggs

    In poetry, meter is more important than grammar.

    Meter is the number of syllables per line of a poem. This is an extremely simplified definition, but I hope it is an adequate explanation.

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    Smile Re: Scrambled Eggs

    Thanks, Philly and mykwyner.

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