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    Adam T.

    Bonjour evry1... hope everyboy's enjoying this day...54 yr old male is pulling his hair out trying to find the meaning of the expression "breaking the bubble." Any takers? This computer here certainly isn't "dummy friendly!"

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Adam T.

    The word bubble is sometimes used to mean a time of unexpected, or unearned prosperity or happiness. Like a real bubble, the metaphorical bubble is expected to be short-lived and easily broken.

    This metaphor is especially apt when used to describe the performance of certain stocks on the stock market. When investors were excitedly buying "dot-com" stocks in the 1990s, the stock prices rose dramatically, far beyond the actual value of the companies. This bubble, like a bubblegum bubble, couldn't expand forever, and it didn't.

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    Re: Adam T.

    Hello Adam,
    What a nice new word for my vocabulary - dummy-friendly! That's the kind of things I need on the Net.

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