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    Analysis Watching misteries with my mother - Ben Marcus

    I have to make a stylistic analysis of the aforementioned work, focusing mainly on foregrounding. I will divide the work into several sections including:

    1: Lexical Deviation
    2. Semantic Deviation
    3. Phonological Deviation (if any)
    4. Morphological Deviation
    5. Grammatical Deviation, neglecting the rules related to sentence structure.
    6. The Use of Dialect
    7. The Use of Register represented in the use of special vocabulary, grammar, etc.
    8. Historical Deviation, use of archaic words which are no longer used in daily language. (if any)
    9. Graphological Deviation, exemplified by the neglecting of the rules related to punctuation

    To express feelings and meaning, Marcus deliberately distracts syntax and alters parts of speech making: verbs function as nouns, etc.

    The purpose of this work is to find what has been defamiliarized with respect to the familiar and especially WHY.
    At this point we come to my perplexities and difficulties:

    Since my mother tongue is Flemish, I cannot "hear" what to an English-speaking native is clearly defamiliarized and out of the norms. I perceive that the style and the way of telling the story has something different from other authors but I cannot tell exactly why.

    Regarding grammatical and morpholical deviation (4-5) I have to concentrate on parallelisms (above all repetitions of lexis or grammatical structures - coordination, ; subordination,, verb clauses, noun clauses,) and deviations (unusual grammatical structures, ..).

    My problem is always the same: I find it very difficult to find the parts of the text where Marcus used particular grammatical structures, where he "goes against" the usual norms or find where he used a lexicon that would stand out to a native English speaker.

    It would be of great help if someone who read this short story could help me find a method to unveil some of these deviations and parallelisms.


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    Re: Analysis Watching misteries with my mother - Ben Marcus

    Welcome to the forum.

    So you're basically asking us to do your homework assignment for you?
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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    Re: Analysis Watching misteries with my mother - Ben Marcus

    Mysteries, not misteries.

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