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    The philosophy of Stoicism

    I am trying to improve my writing skills, so I need your help to correct my mistakes.

    ''The philosophy of Stoicism

    How do you behave when you are in a predicament? Many people despair and start to curse the things that go wrong, although they know that remonstrating will never help them. So, what we should do when we feel that nothing will be good? What kind of approach should we have to feel less pain and not to feel hopeless? Thinkers from Ancient Greece tried to find out that answer to get out of bad situations.

    Zenon of Cyprus who once was a wealthy mercant lost everything when he was shipwrecked in Athens around 300 BCE. Because he did not have much else to do, he entered a library and started to read Socrates. He became intrigued what he read and decided to seek out and study with the city's famous philosophers. Educating his own students, he formed the philosopy known as Stoicism.

    Zenon and his disciples used to gather for discussion in Stoa Poikile, the place that gave Stoicism its name. Today, the word stoic is colloquially used to mean someone who is able to remain calm under pressure. However, Stoicism is not just an attitude. It is about how we really consider the events around us and how we interpret those situations. Because we do not always have control over the things around us, we must change our approach to them. The question is ''how we can do that?''.

    The main idea of Stoicism is that one must try to cope with the problems by accepting the world as it is, rather than imagining an ideal society. A Stoic tries to avoid emotional extremes and navigate complex situations in a logical way. They make an effort to understand their mistakes and find solutions to make things better instead of humiliating or charging themselves.

    Next time when you feel miserable and hopeless, you had better change your mind to perceive things in a more realistic manner. ''

    Thank you very much for your help!
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