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    Post please rate my writing

    not enough waste from homes is recycled. they say that the only way to increase recycling is for governments to make it a legal requirement

    Recycling is one of the most pressing concepts that was put on the global table in order to decrease the depletion of natural resources and avoid waste accumulation. It is alleged that insufficient amount of domestic waste is recycled and that it should be mandated on the people by the power of the law. However, it is not a question of whether people should be obliged to recycle, but why they should abstain.
    People usually overlook the immensity of recycling, as they consider it a public rather than a private affair. Also the demand of waste separation for recycling males people usually procrastinate and that is why the majority of home waste miss the recycling process.
    Law enforcement of exigent issues is a proven maneuver to gain the most out of the issue while ensuring that policies are attained. Furthermore, recycling law will not impede any personal freedoms or force any citizen to do anything against his spiritual or religious believes.
    Lack of recycling will not only affect the individual alone but it shall burden the whole community, that is why I do believe that law enforced recycling should be implemented

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    Re: please rate my writing

    You need to improve your word choice. For example, "immensity of recycling" doesn't work.

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