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Thread: tenses 2

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    tenses 2

    1. I have never seen such a great performance. {It means this is the best}
    But my question is: Does it mean I never SAW such a great performance before? (but now i see it)

    2. This is the nicest boy that I have ever seen. Does it mean from the past to now, this is the nicest boy I meet?

    3. What does ďI havenít eaten chickenĒ mean? It means I didnít eat chicken before. (Actions which happened at some unknown time in the past.) Or I didnít eat chicken before, and I am still not eating chicken now? (Actions which started in the past and are still continuing)

    4. What does "I have now written a letter." mean? The problem is: What does "now" here mean? It means I just finished writing a letter?

    Thanks for replies

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    Re: tenses 2

    1 It could be that youi are seeing it now or that you have seen it recently.
    2 Yes
    3 It depends on the context- it could refer to the person's life, or the meal at the time of speaking.
    4 Yes

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