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  1. jacqueline Ore (peru)

    Wink Esl

    1. Are the application of videos important when in learning "listening"?
    2. What are the main characteristics of leaning ESL?
    3. What is the importance of ESL?

    I have an exam tomorrow August 26th, I need your help.

    Thank you so much!

    Jackie Oré (Perú)

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    Re: Esl

    1 They are useful, but not essential- many places don't have the equipment required.
    2 That depends on the setting- if people are learning it to use in a non-English speaking setting, for work, etc, then they will have different requirements than those who are living in an English-speaking community.
    3 Its importance is related to the status of English as by far the most important single language for uinternational communication.

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