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    I am to prepare a course for 40-50 years old men. Main emphasis is to be put on communication skills, so reading and writing may be a little bit neglected. I will have about 3-4 weeks to teach them (15 hours a week), and the groups will consist of 5-10 people. Most of them will be welders, locksmith or other technicians.

    I have experience in teaching but not with making courses like that. I really do want to make this course as efficient as possible, so I would like to ask experts in teaching.

    First of all, what method do you suggest I should use? I was considering mixing Callan, direct method and TPR. For the first 7-10 lessons I thought I should not make them speak (to get them acquainted with the sound of English). After this I would ask them to repeat certain phrases and slowly prepare them to created senteces on their own.

    Secondly, when do you think I should start teaching them specific terminology (for example technical or business). I have to do it during the course, but I don't think it would be a good idea to start with giving them too difficult vocabulary. Do you think it would be good to start this after 2 weeks of training?

    Do you think any of this sounds ok?

    I have browsed through this board and found a lot of useful links (flashcards, printables etc.), but still I would really appreciate any help from your side.

    Best regards,

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    Re: Adult Absolute Beginners

    I would let them speak when they feel confident enough- some may well want to start earlier than after 7-10 hours. Technical vocab can be introduced from fairly early on, though obviously incrementally.

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