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    Descriptive sentences..

    The paragraph below is taken from the essay I've written and I feel that the way I intended to have them expressed is far different from what has actually been written.

    "He used to have this little trick then. All he did was to tie two or three pencil together so that when writing, everything output would be parallel to each other and at one-go Therefore writing just once meant that he had already done it twice, or more. As easy as one 'through' three."

    It has something to do with a normal phenomenon in school where a student was asked by the teacher to write the phrase 'I would pay attention in class from now onwards' 500 times if you know what I mean.
    Sorry, I haven't been good at verbalising stuff because English is my third language.

    If any teachers (yeah--anyone who helps is my teacher whoever you are!) out there would love to help me, say, re-express them in a batter way (or insert some more sentences inside), then your help would be very much appreciated. Thank ya!!

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    Re: Descriptive sentences..

    He used to have this little trick then. All he did was to tie two or three pencils together so that everything he wrote would come out two or three times. Therefore writing a word just once meant that it appeared more than once on the page. It was as easy as counting one 'through' three.

    This is just a quick sketch. Ill think about it because I'mnot very happy with my version yet and come back to you.

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    Re: Descriptive sentences..

    I think the phrase you are looking for is as easy as one, two, three. The other phrase you have in mind is I will pay attention in class.

    What are the photos for?


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