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    wHAT DOES "SA" OR "essay" OR "ESA" mEAN IN sPANISH

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    Re: sPANISH

    Quote Originally Posted by nICOLE mILLER
    wHAT DOES "SA" OR "essay" OR "ESA" mEAN IN sPANISH
    ese (noun, masc.) homeboy. A very friendly term to refer to your amigo. (Mexican and Puerto Rican Spanish).

    An example:
    "Oye ese! Que hay de nuevo?"
    ("Hey there, homeboy, what's up?").

    The Alternative Dictionaries


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    I don't speaka de ingles Guest
    esa is not nomaly use in Espana but can b use at end of word for an xampl



    lok lok yes yes here litle hed lok here -> :mad: ha ha it mean to laf

    funy funy yes yes :P

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