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    Please, correct my mistakes....

    Please, correct my mistakes.... or make it sugesstion for the using other words.


    1) Mayor Rudi Giuliani and his plan „Clean up the New York City”
    a) Introduction of the Compstat into NYPD
    b) Implementation of “Broken windows theory” in NYPD policing strategy

    2) Profiles of George Kelling and James Wilson

    3) “Broken Windows Theory” in the past and in nowadays/ earlier and now (?)
    a. The experiment “The Safe and Clean Neighborhoods Program”
    b. Philip Zimbardo’s research
    c. Metaphor of the broken windows
    d. New kind of fear
    e Incivility in the city
    f Police and Community cooperation
    g zero tolerance policy
    h foot-patrol policy

    4) Unmistakable facts

    This very successful crime-control strategy of the NYPD is based on the “broken windows” theory of policing.
    One of the first initiatives of Giuliani and Bratton was the institution of CompStat in 1994.
    To understand New York’s phenomenon we must understand the idea of “community policing”, cos as former New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton said "Without the full cooperation of the community, local government and NYPD can’t work”.
    That’s why we start with the description of the program in New Jersey in the mid 1970, which was the base of article “Broken Windows”.
    It means every kind of disorder on the street like panhandling, graffiti on walls, should be punished by the zero tolerance policy without exception.
    Besides, the authors of “Broken windows theory” offer new strategies for restoring order in communities like foot-patrol policy and citizen patrols.
    They argue, that foot, motor and horse patrols of police bring police officers closer to community. Through this they can more effectively prevent crime, reduce fear of crime among residents and improve the quality of life in neighborhood.
    In opinion of many critics of the Broken Windows zero tolerance policy leads more to the increase of number of officers on the streets and misdemeanor arrests than deterring serious crimes.
    But the fact is, the number of major and minor crimes dropped sharply (went down dramatically) in New York City when Rudi Giuliani implemented community – policing strategy relied upon the Broken Windows Theory.
    For 5 years New York City was recognized by the F.B.I. as the one of the safest city in America until September 11 2001.

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    Re: Please, correct my mistakes....

    Your paragraphs are too short, many consisting of single sentences. Try to group the sentences together to cover a point in each paragraph. I think the first four paragraphs could really be joined into a single one as it all covers the introduction of the idea, its past and definition. The next part could be the second as it develops it further in a different direction.

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    Re: Please, correct my mistakes....

    Ok, but i need only checking, is my essay correct in the way of grammr structure. This not the whole essay , only some sentences that i;m not sure, if they are correct.

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