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    Please would any solve this

    this is ghouse here.

    (I) I want to know that concentrating on sentence construction structures
    will it help in gaining fluency in English or do that reduces the fluency.

    (II) i Know some of the sentence structure
    1 . subject+verb(intransitive verb)
    2 . subject+verb(transitive verb)+direct object
    3 . subject+verb(linking verb)+Adjective
    4 . subject+verb(linking verb)+Adverb
    5 . subject+verb(linking verb)+Noun

    I want to know that there are anymore. if alot ....Let me know about them.

    (III) I know all tenses ....the question is this......
    Are all the tense come under one sentence structure or
    they divide according to the character of the verbs

    (IV) Differentiate the verb tenses on sentence structure basis
    I mean past tense sentence comes in which sentence structure

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    Re: Please would any solve this

    I have answered to your question. You have posted this message twice.
    Have a good time!

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