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    It look or looks or looked good?

    Hi teacher,

    What is the correct way to use the verb "look" to convey something is going well? Does the verb "look" need to agree with the subject? For example,

    1. She looks good
    2. They all look good
    3. She looked good
    4. They all looked good

    I got the impression this is an informal way of expressing but not sure it has to be grammatically right also.....

    Thanks in advanced.

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    Re: It look or looks or looked good?

    All of your examples look good to me.

    She looked good. They looked good. These are past tense. A past tense verb does not change for person or number, therefore they are both correct.

    She looks good. They look good. These verbs are being used correctly in the present tense.

    Keep up the good work.

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