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    Need All the Info I can get

    Hey All

    Heres me...
    I have a degree from a good school - Economics and Statistics.

    I had and Industry Canada Internship teaching community computer classes and University Level computer classes for a year.

    I now have a nice office job in the private sector but I need adventure and I really miss teaching.

    I would love to teach abroad, but also need to make money to pay educational debt that i have accumulated.

    A friend of mine from Saudi Arabia suggested United Arab Emirates and after doing a little research I really love the idea.......

    Now what do I do next?? Take a course??? Apply as is???
    How and where can I apply ??

    I just need all the info I can get...Somebody Please Help



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    Re: Need All the Info I can get

    From what I know, the UAE has well-paid jobs, though the work schedule can be very heavy. However, there are a lot of highly qualifed teachers who want to go there, so I would definitely get qualified as a teacher, then try to sell myself as a business English teacher because of the degree.

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    Re: Need All the Info I can get

    I have decided to take an ESL Teaching Cert Course....

    Are they generally all the same in terms of how employers view them, with the only difference being the price I would pay for certification???

    Do employers prefer or favour In-class certifications with teaching practicums as opposed to online certification ?

    Is there the possibility that different Certifications would have an effect on one's pay scale ???

    Any info would be greatly appreciated

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