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    Graduate Dec. 06', want to teach in China, where do I start?

    Hi there,
    This December I will be graduating from a small school in Boston with a degree in International Mgmt. . I Have a strong interest in learning Chinese and the Chinese culture. I want to teach in China come the start of 07' and I am wondering where to start. I know I need certificiation but the schools here in boston are a little out of my price range. I came across on and was wondering if this is a credible course. It is a weekend course in NY that is reasonably priced.
    So after getting certified can someone offer some reliable resources to use in order to find a job over there. Money isn't as important as having an enriching experience as long as I survive on whatever I'm paid.

    Thanks to anyone who reads this.

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    Re: Graduate Dec. 06', want to teach in China, where do I start?

    I would always advise taking a course in real space where possible. It's from i-to-i, who are well-known, so many would know of the course, but there are many stories going around about online courses. Yopu can look here for jobs in China:

    While heading to China is likely to be an amazing experience, I would still recommend checking out a scool carefully- it isn't just a question of money. There are some very dodgy schools out there and things can go very nastily wrong, so check any place out and look at the ESL blacklists to see if anyone has had a bad experience. I live in Asia and have had a wonderful time and found it a very enriching experience, but there are many cases of it turning into a nightmare.

    (Feel free to contact me by private message if you want to ask about places- I haven't worked in China, but I do know people who are there and could help.)

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    Re: Graduate Dec. 06', want to teach in China, where do I start?

    i've been living in china
    for almost two years now and
    i'm here to stay... i've recently opened
    up my own school in the last six months...
    if you have any other specific questions you'd like some input on
    shoot 'em here...

    yes, you must be careful about the schools...
    try your best to determine whether they can give you
    the proper permit... make sure your email copy of the contract
    is the exact same one you'll sign in the flesh...
    basic promo's for teaching in china;
    housing paid for, return flight paid for, maybe flight to china,
    at least 4,500rmb a month for being a rookie, free chinese lessons
    and some other things i may be forgetting at the moment...

    anyways, if it helps, great, if you need more, just ask...

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    Re: Graduate Dec. 06', want to teach in China, where do I start?

    I am now in my fourth teaching year in Guangdong, PRC and have much the same to say as the the other respondents.
    However they have all omitted to tell you that the most important requirements of teaching in PRC are that you must have a bachelors degree, and be an NES(Native English Speaker). If you qualify on both these points you do not necessarily need any other certification. Yes it is advantageous to have a TEFL certificate but not essential.
    I agree there are many bad schools out there who are unable to get you the necessary Foreign Experts certificate and Z visa so you do have to be careful.
    Incidentally schools and universities normally start interviewing for positions in May/June to start work in September, so it's best to come over at about that time of year.
    Salary, well about 4500 + perks, the perks will very from one school to the next, but they usually include your return air ticket if you complete a full years contract(one-way ticket for six months), many schools will offer the cash equivalent if you do not intend to return home.
    A question to you, what part of China do you want to wok in, it's a big country?

    P.S. Feel free to Email or SKYPE ME!

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