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    Post English Essay

    Marriage is a symbol of long term relationship. People get married, because they are willing to spend their life with the person that they are in love with. For them to be able to do that. They have to be comfortable around their partners. Some people believed that to make a good marriage. They have to live together first. That way, to not make them feel more comfortable around each other. Other people may argued that, it’s not a good idea, because they believe that one of them might get tired of their partner. By seeing the person everyday. Although, it can work out perfectly fine for some people. Therefore, people should live together first before they get married.
    For the people who believe, couple who live together first before marriage might have a good chance to last longer. Which is often true, because they get so used to that person. The more time they spend together, the healthier it is for their relationship. For example, if two in a relationship and they don’t see each other all the time. Sometimes, one of them might think that the other is having an affair. It can be true, because they don’t live with each other. There was this two couples who has been together for 5 years. The girl name is Samantha and her boyfriend Josh. Samantha and Josh lived separately at the beginning of their relationship. Sometimes, she believed that her boyfriend is doing something what he was not supposed to be doing. When he doesn’t answer her text. And sometimes, he could’ve be playing video games, but she doesn’t know that. Although, if they were living together. She would think her boyfriend was doing something wrong. After, 2 years throughout of their relationship, they moved in together. Samantha has no worry about him cheating of her. Three years later Josh asked her to marry him. She was more that happy to. She’s been living him for a long time. She’s comfortable around him, and she feels like she’s marrying her best friend.
    People who live together first before marriage don’t have any trust issues. They are with their partners, almost all the time. It’s more easier to more involved with their partner’s life. And the more comfortable they get around each other. When Samantha moved in with Josh. She was uncomfortable using the bathroom him. After, couple months of being around each other, she is comfortable using the bathroom around him. Before, they lived together. There was an trust issue between them. Samantha used to think that her fiance (Josh) was doing something wrong. Now, when she sees what Josh on his free time, is play video games. She has nothing to be paranoid about. This shows, when people when people live together first before the get married. It doesn’t bring any effect throughout people’s marriage. Therefore, people should live together first before they get married.
    Others may argued that, people who live together for a long time might get tired of each other. However, they are wrong, because if two people are really in love. They don’t get tired of each other. Others also think that, people who lived together for a long time, sometimes get bored of each other. However, they are wrong again, because married people doesn’t have to do everything with their partner all the time. They don’t have to get involved of everything of their partner is doing. Sometimes, Samantha and Josh get bored, they always find something to fun to do. All that matters, as long there are together all the time. When they moved them together. It helps Josh to see what is Samantha like to do for fun and what she doesn’t like. She also learned the same thing about him too. Therefore, people should live together first before marriage.
    People who decided to live together first before marriage. This idea helped people to have an healthy marriage and relationship. People don’t have be paranoid about their partner. Also, doesn’t bring that many consequences in people's relationship or marriage. The more time people spend around each other in a relationship, the better it is for them to learn about their partner. It also make them feel comfortable around each other. Therefore, people should live together first before they get married.
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    Hello there, and welcome to the forum.
    Are you practising for some kind of test? What was the essay question/prompt for the above?

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