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    difference of "due to" and "be + doing smth"

    Who can tell me the difference between "be + doing sth" used for future tense and "due to" in the meaning of being going to do sth with the detailed and specific plan?

    Quang Van

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    Re: difference of "due to" and "be + doing smth"

    "Due to" is another way of saying that something is a consequence or result of something else.

    i.e. "The trip was cancelled due to the weather." - the weather was the reason the trip was cancelled.

    "be+ doing something" is a completely different construction, not related in meaning.

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    Re: difference of "due to" and "be + doing smth"

    Hi lawyerquang
    I suspect what you're referring to is probably simply the adjective due, which can mean 'scheduled or expected' and is usually connected with some kind of official arrival time:
    "Their flight is due (to arrive) in less than 10 minutes." = "Their flight is scheduled to arrive in less than 10 minutes."
    Using the present continuous to talk about the future refers to a specific plan: "I'm flying to London next Tuesday."


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