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    Question adjectives

    is there something called adjective of number? i have heard that when you use the sentence ' she ate some apples ' 'some' is an adjective of number as apple is countable and in the sentence ' she ate some rice' , 'some' is an adjective of quantity as it qualifies an uncountable noun. is this right?

    could you also suggest sites from where i can download worksheets to prepare assignments for my kids?

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    Re: adjectives

    Several, many and (a) few would be adjectives of number, where (a) little and much would be adjectives of quantity. That seems to be useful nomenclature... if it exists. Some would appear under both classifications, as would lots / a lot of and plenty of.
    I prefer to think of some as the indefinite plural article, however:
    The apple, the apples
    An apple, some apples

    You should be able to find some worksheets by googling the appropriate grammar term. I have seen a lot of them, but offhand cannot recommend any single site.

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