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    Help Me To Correct My Formal Letter, Please

    Hi, I wrote this letter as a homework for my univerisity. I am not a native speaker so I have many doubts about this.
    I would be very grateful If anyone could help me.
    This was the task: local arts day-a disappointment
    Last week's arts day didn't attract many people, had limited appeal to young people and was a waste of council money.

    Dear sir/madam,
    My name is (name) and I am writing with regard to the article about the local arts day to express my disagreement with the words wrote by the reporter. I helped to organize that event and I am sure it was not a “disappointment” as the reporter said. Actually, I think that it was a very successful day for many reasons.
    First of all, we were planning the event for many months and to attract many people we did a lot of publicity through social media. Also, the street were full of pictures of the event, which include the date, the time and the location. The artist and musicians did a great performance as well, so I doubt it did not attract many people.
    Secondly, the article also says young people didn't enjoy the festival but there were many teenagers who were grateful of being part of this. The musical and painting workshops were full of people all the time, especially with young people. Moreover, it is always a great idea do these events which allow people to learn about culture, music and art. Besides, we can provide support to Chilean artists so I do not think this was a waste of money, instead I believe the money given was pretty well administrated and it was for a good cause.
    Finally, I look forward to receiving your response and, if possible, I would like the reporter to write another article about the arts day, a positive one this time.
    Yours faithfully,
    (insert name)
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    Re: Help Me To Correct My Formal Letter, Please

    Hello Maria, and welcome to the forum.
    Have you submitted the above work to your teacher yet? If so, have you received any feedback?

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