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    Re: bust my butt

    Quote Originally Posted by Casiopea View Post
    bust one's butt, "to make an extreme, strenuous effort, to exert oneself"
    butt from buttocks, "end, human posterior"
    bust a variatuion of burst, "break"
    Hope that helps.
    I think it can also be used in American English as a variant of "I'm going to bust your ass" (give you a hard time), can't it?

    As in the "Waldorf Salad" sketch from "Fawlty Towers" with John Cleese:

    American Diner: "Fawlty, I want you to go in there and bust that chef's ass."
    Fawlty (pretending to shout to the chef): "Right, you, you'd better sort yourself out, or I'm going to come in right now and break your bottom."

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    Re: bust my butt

    Exactly. North American English, "Stop bustin' my butt."

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    Re: bust my butt

    Hi all.
    I got another question about the following idiom:
    'nail your butt to the wall'.
    Can anyone pls explain the meaning and give an example of its usage?


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