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    the passage from 'Driving lessons'

    I read the following passage , but I cannot undestand the underlined sentence. Could anyone tell me the meaning?
    I'd be lying if I said that our time together was the ideal vacation I had envisioned. Calls to the insurance, rental-car and credit-card companies ended any fun left for me. But Sidney spent much of the trip home perched in the front seat, scouting the terrain for deer and leaning over to honk the horn at 20-second intervals. We talked a lot more about little things before she slipped into the back seat again. But I knew she was there with me this time. It's amazing how grace can be found in the strangest of places, if you just open your eyes and look.

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    Re: the passage from 'Driving lessons'

    He had pictured a perfect holiday with Sidney - nothing but fun and relaxation and "quality time" as they say. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out that way; he had to take care of too many mundane details (rental car, insurance, etc.). So, if he went home and told everyone that he'd had the "ideal", or perfect, vacation with Sidney, he wouldn't be telling the truth. He still had an enjoyable time, but it was far from perfect.

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    Re: the passage from 'Driving lessons'

    Thank you very much ! Now I understand it. Your explanation is perfect.

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