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    Asking for advice

    Good morning Mrs Sarah
    I hope everything is okay
    I need to thank you for your effort and your time to try to solve the situation by going around between Mrs Marjika and me I appreciated.
    Also, I think that you find out by yourself that I do my best to try to handle out the year but she is not Mrs Marjika not helping at all I am sorry to say I really feel that I am a slave I donít have any hand in the class she is treat me as her own secretary and then she went out to complain about it.
    After our meeting yesterday I start to read out our points all she complains it's about system not me or about the rules she put in class and when I do it as she wants always ignore anything I said in class even simple stuff as if the snack time finished and I started to let the children tidy up she said in front of them I am the class teacher her and I donít say tidy up
    She is always busy with emails to the parents even not me or the children can talk to her there is no connection at all between us
    She always said wrong stuff about me always ask me to do stuff and then went out of the class asking who is walking around where is sherry trying to let the stuff think I am not available
    Always ignoring my breaks and want me to take a break in the lesson.
    Thus is a very simple example if my days with her this all without the main point that I asked for the respecting I think she said by herself that am hard worker helping a lot not sitting for a minute she even refuses when I try to work with one of the students she stopped me in a very bad way in front of them.
    Anyway, I am really sorry about this long mail but I donít want to waste your time anymore and also I need you to put your self in my place and see all the points clear.
    Maybe I can understand her way if she is working someone with lower scales or experience or lazy but I believe that I give my work all my effort and time never complain from loads of work understand my place and raw very well do l donít expect that at all.
    In the end, I donít know what can I do now
    my feeling towards my work that I spend most of my time it is so negative.
    Thank you again for your support and understanding and sorry for all of these.

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    Re: Asking for advice

    Hello, Sherehan!

    It sounds like you have a terrible job. It's good that you're trying to do something about it.

    To post here, the first thing you should do is check the member information you gave us. It doesn't look like your native language is American English.

    Here are some ideas for improving your letter:

    1. Go back over your letter and break the paragraphs into sentences. The sentences should start with capital letters and end with periods (also called full stops).

    2. Separate your paragraphs either by indenting their first lines or by putting spaces between the paragraphs.

    3. Shorten the letter. For example, apologizing for the letter's length just makes it longer.

    Those changes can make it easier for us to help with things like grammar, word choice, and punctuation.
    I'm not a teacher. I speak American English. I've tutored writing at the University of Southern Maine and have done a good deal of copy editing and writing, occasionally for publication.

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    Re: Asking for advice

    "Sarah" is generally a first name. We don't use "Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms + first name". Either use "Mrs + surname" or just the first name after the greeting.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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