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    fill in/fill up/fill out

    Hello everyone,

    Please help. Just wanna know what are the in-depth usage of these:

    - fill in
    - fill up
    - fill out

    I have read here on this Web site that fill in and fill out are the same. Are they interchangeable?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: fill in/fill up/fill out

    Well, we know they have to do with spacial referencing, so what about?

    fill up
    EX: Don't fill (your stomach) up on sweets - we're going to eat dinner soon.
    EX: Could you fill my car up with gas, please?
    EX: Fill up my coffee cup, would ya?

    fill in and fill out
    EX: Please fill in or fill out this form.
    EX: Gee, I better cut back on the sweets. I'm starting to fill out (i.e., gain weight).

    Hope that helps.

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    Re: fill in/fill up/fill out

    What about filling the slot with someting or filling the hole with someting? Should I use fill in or could I use fill out as well?

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    Re: fill in/fill up/fill out

    You put something in a slot. (You don't fill it.) And, yes, you fill a hole with something. You don't fill it in or out.

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    Re: fill in/fill up/fill out


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