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    is this chinglish?

    First, I dont know if the word 'chinglish' is already widespread and wellknown among english speaker.
    anyway, it means chinese-english which is a kind of seeming english but twisted with chinese tradition. generally made in china, hehe

    here's my question, to whom might be interested in this possible chinglish expression:

    " generate satisfactory effect from visual and sensuous aspects"

    am I right using 'aspect' in the form of "from .. aspect" / "from the aspect of" or "in .. aspect" ?

    similarly, is it OK to write "from .. angle" and so on ?

    chengwei liu

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    Re: is this chinglish?

    I'd say:
    to generate a visually and sensually satisfactory effect.

    PS Chinglish is fairly widely used.

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    Re: is this chinglish?

    thanks to Tdol for showing me a totally new way to enhance the expression: a bunch of adv. + adj. + n. well, what if i just use aspect or viewpoint or the like? i mean, what's common use of the word 'aspect' at large?

    chengwei liu

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