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    Question This is my SOP of Master in Industrial Design programme. Requesting for evaluation.

    Art allows me to transform images in my mind into something tangible, and the ability to convert my imagination into reality always fascinated me. Even though I was sceptical about it, I always knew I wanted to do something with art and creativity, which is how I drifted towards architecture.

    I entered the world of architecture with little to no knowledge of what it offers and what I am going to learn from it. ‘Everything happens for a reason’, I am glad I didn’t have any kind of expectation from it and just went with the flow because I totally loved the surprises and challenges it threw at me. Each semester was a different theme of study and a crazy set of process I had to go through to explore my design and, I loved it. The opportunity to travel to different places and experience the architecture is one of the main things that helped me shape my views and opinions. These reflected in my works that followed and made it more practical. Whenever I get stuck with a problem, these experiences are the major driving factors for my inspirations.

    My undergraduate programme in architecture helped me to strengthen my practical and technical aspect of design. Not only I have a solid academic foundation in my specialized subjects by achieving top scores in almost all of them, I have improved my design and presentation skills by participating in many design competitions, seminars and conventions. I have been a team member for representing my college in 59th NASA, ZoNASA (2014 to 16) and IIA Conventions Odisha Chapter (2013 to 15), our effective team work made it possible to do well in various design and cultural events. As a student, I have worked with the event management and design group of our college during cultural fests every year and I have also been an active member of the college photography club. Apart from academic works, I have done poster and cover designs as a freelancer, participated in Ethos IGBC 2018 Green design, AdAge 2017 magazine cover design competitions and have recently moved forward with my hobby of writing to start a blog, ‘The Lazy Architect’. I was able to experience the professional world of an architect through one year of internship in Preetech, Bhubaneswar and a six month professional practice in Impact Design Group, Mumbai. It was a great learning experience from working in offices from two polar apart cities.

    Architects like Charles Correa, F.L. Wright and Laurie Baker are my inspirations because, in my opinion, they have broadened the definition of an architect to that of a creator and an innovator. Zaha Hadid and Frank Gehry are the trend setters I love to follow. B.V. Doshi and Alejandro Aravena are my idols I look up to now as the future city designers and planners, their approach is as universal as it can get in terms of community and culture study for an inclusive solution.

    Once while working on my design, I had to face a week-long creative block. I feared that I would have to go one more week without any progress so I started reading books, writing abstract articles and Googled any tips to overcome a creative block. That is when I read an article on Karim Rashid which highlighted Rashid’s ability to cross boundaries between various forms of design. I felt that I could relate to his ability to ‘Cross-Pollinate’ and his philosophy of a pluralist design because when it comes to being called either an architect or a designer, I don’t want to label myself as just one of those. I felt that I could relate to his satisfaction designing in every creative field and found myself being drifted towards the world of industrial design.

    I want to attend your Master of Design programme because your institution provides interesting design services as a significant part of design education. More specifically, Integrated Design Services (IDS) and Outreach Programmes by your institution would provide for different and more engaging field of working experience to young designers like me. Apart from coursework, your program also encourages free exploration of creativity by involving students in collaborative projects, culminating activities including public exhibitions, and creations in personal studios. I believe that the Master of Design programme in your graduate school will prepare me for an exciting career.

    While it is a late discovery in my final year of undergraduate programme, I know in my heart that industrial design is my way forward. Nothing brings me more joy than combining art and practicality to create an experience for the people. I am choosing industrial design as it would give influence to both my artistic approach and my concern for practical human demands.
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    Re: This is my SOP of Master in Industrial Design programme. Requesting for evaluatio

    What are you doing now? Have you finished your undergraduate degree? Are you working?

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