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    "That's them all over"

    What does "That's them all over" mean?

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    Re: "That's them all over"

    I am not a native speaker, but I think it means that they did something which is typical of them. Like "what else could we expect from you".


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    Re: "That's them all over"

    I think there can be some other context as well. For instance two people are talking about some new sort of weeds growing on their plots. One of them shows the other his badly affected plot:
    That's them all over.

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    Re: "That's them all over"

    Be (someone) all over is an idiom that means something is 'typical or characteristic of (a particular person/particular people)'. So, if John does something that's very typical for him to do, then you might say:
    "That's John all over."

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