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  1. Ana Laura

    Question Future-volition or promise or what?

    I have a doubt about future. (I mean what future expresses in some sentences)
    For example:
    a) we will send your travel documents 2 weeks prior to departure.
    Is it a promise or willingness?
    b) It seems inevitable that the goverment will increase taxes again this year.
    Is it certainty or volition?
    c) We will be delighted to accept your very generous donation to our charity.
    Is it willingness or what?
    d) Give my consent to the project? that is something I will/shall never do.
    Is it certainty or what?
    e) We both know that the company's in financial crisis but the question is-What are we going to do about it?
    Is it an intention,a plan or what?
    f) It's a diffuclt choice to make. We will ask mum what she thinks about it!
    Is it inmediate decision, willingness or what?
    and... please I would like to know what a writer creates by using words like 'about to' or 'on the verge of'? ( maybe... impact..? I would appreciate your answer)
    Thank you.

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    Re: Future-volition or promise or what?

    1 Should be a promise
    2 Neither to me- a report of someone else's certainty
    3 Yes
    4 Promise
    5 Immediate decision

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