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    HELP!! "Ain't it awful" game

    I found a sentence saying "Ain't it awful, tsk, tsk" which is very confusing to me. I searched the net and found that this "Ain't it awful" is also a game a dysfunctional "game" described by psychologist Eric Berne.

    Can anyone help me clarify why says "Ain't it awful"? Is it the same as it is not awful? or does it imply anything else??

    Thanks a lot!

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    Ain't it awful? is about the same as Isn't it terrible? or Isn't that a shame?


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    Re: HELP!! "Ain't it awful" game

    I think it is a kind of an accent or a varity of English language maybe African American people talk like that and I think it means(( isn't it awful )) but I'm not sure

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