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    Cool anothe or other?

    it is reallly confusing for me to distintuish another from other in terms of meaning and its usage. for example, i wonder if the folloiwng sentences soud ok to you and please mark any mistakes if you find.

    1. Can I see you other time?
    2. Other information is not available right now.
    3. while some like to read books, others don't.
    4. one teacher advised me to take an English writing class. However, another teacher asked me to take a grammar class.
    5. I don't like this. Can you show me another pair of pants?

    as far as I know, plural nouns should be follwed after other. is that right?

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    Re: anothe or other?

    1. Can I see you another time?

    As far as I know, plural nouns should be followed by other; is that right? -- As far as I know, yes.

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    Re: anothe or other?

    Hi, bosun,
    2,3,4,5 are correct. As to 1, I'd say some other time.
    Other takes either plural or uncount nouns, the latter sound better with some.
    I don't like strawberries. Give me some other jam.
    On second thoughts, Give me another jam somehowdoes not jar on my ear. Hmmm...


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